Choosing a workplace pension service

March 1, 2017

This will help you to decide which workplace pension service you need.

Use our Premium Service if you want to take the hassle out of setting up and running your workplace pension scheme.

Our Basic Service is suitable if you want to set up a pension scheme yourself and manage the aspects of the pension that fall outside of payroll.

If you need to choose a pension, we work with a number of pension providers offering pensions that we think are suitable for nannies. If you want a wider choice you can use the pension selection service provided by Pension Playpen.

Workplace Pension Services

What we do
What we don’t do
Basic £60 a yearPremium £100 a yearPension Playpen add on £175 one off
15-minute phone consultation on pensions configuration
Pension scheme application
Configure worker group
Choose a pension scheme
Accept terms for the scheme
Set up a scheme criteria in payroll
Carry out a pre-assessment
Complete scheme assessment due diligence
Calculate monthly contributions (employer/employee)
Ongoing job holder assessments
Check pension provider portal for amendments such as opt ins, opt outs and AVC requests
Apply postponement
Process opt in and opt out requests
Process leave requests
Process opt out refunds
Member data transfer to pension portal via CSV
Member data transfer to pension portal via API
Manual entry and management of member data
Transfer of contributions data via CSV
Transfer of contributions data via API
Manual contribution data entry
Issue statutory employee communications if required
Authorise monthly DD payment to pension portal
Complete employer declaration of compliance
Carry out re-enrolment assessment
Complete employer re-declaration of compliance
Store an audit trail of compliance admin