Pensions for nannies

March 27, 2023

Our nanny workplace pension service is unique.  This is because we believe in giving our nanny employers a choice, rather than offering just one option, such as NEST.

This is our selection of low-cost, small-employer-friendly pension schemes that we can set up directly on your behalf.

Pension providerScheme's cost to youCost to employee % of pension pot per yearEmployee communicationsEthical fund optionsSuitable for payroll frequency
£00.3% of employee's pension contributions + 1.8% of each new contributionred-cross-icongreen-check-iconAll
£300 +VAT one-off setup fee (via Pay My Nanny)
£500 +VAT if you apply directly
- an annual charge of £2.50
- a management charge of 0.5% of the value of the pension pot each year (just 50p for every £100 in the pot)
- a rebate on the management charge on savings over £3,000
£12.50 +VAT per month (via Pay My Nanny)
£36 +VAT per month if you apply directly
- £1.75 a month/£21 a year
- 0.3% of value of pension savings each year
Smart Pension Logo£15 +VAT per month0.75%green-check-iconred-cross-iconAll

Other pension schemes are available, but you would need to enquire directly with the pension provider or via an Independent Financial Advisor.

A small list of available pension schemes is on The Pension Regulator website but this is not an exhaustive list: –