Taking on a nanny checklist

November 5, 2015

Here’s what needs to happen when you take on a new nanny

What needs to happenWhat you need to do as an employerWhat Pay My Nanny can do for you
Before your nanny starts
Register as an employer with HMRC

Set up a PAYE scheme

Get your nanny's P45 and National Insurance number and send to us
Carry out anti-money laundering checks

Agree gross pay and work out what your nanny will get each month

Give us the gross figure and we'll work out take-home pay
Assess your nanny's right to work in the UK
Take up references
Work out holiday entitlement

Write a contract of employment

Set up a pension scheme (if your nanny qualifies)

Take out employers' liability insurance
Let your home insurance provider know you have an employee
Carry out a risk assessment of your home and garden
Set up an induction programme
Deduct tax and National Insurance from your nanny's gross pay
Pay employer's National Insurance contributions
Submit PAYE information to HMRC in real time for each pay period
Calculate and pay pension contributions to your nanny
Calculate nanny's pension contribution and pay into pension scheme
Provide pay slips
Work out and administer Statutory Sick Pay
Work out and administer maternity leave payments
File an Employer's Annual Return (P35) and Employee's Pay and Deductions Summary (P14) with HMRC at the end of the tax year
Send you a P60 providing a summary of your nanny's earnings
Submit a P11D if you want to claim for allowable expenses