Will I get a nanny pension?

October 23, 2015

When you start your new job you may qualify for a pension under the new workplace pension rules.

If you qualify for a nanny pension your employer will have to set up a scheme by their staging date. The Pension Regulator will let them know when their staging date is.

Before this date your employer will need to work out which category of ‘worker’ you fall into. There are three categories and which one you are in will depend on your age and how much you earn.

Here’s a table to show you which category you fall into.

Earnings (from 6th April 2023) Age
16 - 21 year olds22 to State pension ageState pension age to 74
Less than or equal to £6396Entitled worker
Over £6396 and up to £10,000Non-eligible job holder
£10,000+ Non-eligible job holderEligible job holderNon-eligible job holder

Eligible jobholder

If you fall into this category you will automatically be enrolled into a workplace pension scheme. You and your employer will need to make contributions to the scheme.

You can choose to opt out if you don’t want a pension but your employer will have to re-enroll you every three years if you’re still working for the same family.

Non-eligible jobholder

Non-eligible jobholders won’t automatically be enrolled into the scheme but if you’re in this category you can ask to join and your employer will have to contribute.

Entitled workers

Entitled workers won’t automatically be enrolled into the scheme but can apply to join. If you want to join the scheme you can ask your employer to set one up but he or she won’t have to contribute to it.

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