Workplace pensions for nannies – 3 months to go

December 1, 2016

Every employer will have been sent a letter by The Pensions Regulator (TPR) to tell them what their staging date.

Don’t know your staging date? You can find out online.

As it’s now three months before your staging date it’s time to act as it can take a few months to choose and set up a pension scheme

If you know you won’t have a nanny at your staging date tell TPR that you’ll no longer be an employer.

If you know that you’ll have a nanny you’ll need to assess your nanny to find out what category of worker he or she is. This will depend on your nanny’s age and earnings.

If your nanny earns over £10,000 and is aged between 22 and State pension age he or she will need to be automatically enrolled into to a pension scheme, so you’ll have to set one up.

If your nanny earns less than this you don’t have to set up a pension scheme unless your nanny asks you to have one. But you can choose to set up a ‘shell scheme’ that you keep in case your nanny asks to join. The Pay My Nanny guide to choosing a pension gives some tips on where to go for help.

Next step is to find out what happens at your staging date.

Talk to your Pay My Nanny about assessing and choosing a pension scheme that best suits your needs.


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