Workplace pensions for nannies – At your staging date

December 1, 2016

When you reach your staging date – the date you need to have a workplace pension in place – there are several things that need to be done.

  • Your nanny needs to be assessed to see if he or she qualifies for automatic enrolment.
  • An eligible nanny must be enrolled into a pension scheme.
  • You need to write to your nanny about the pension scheme even if he or she doesn’t need to be automatically enrolled.
  • Your nanny can ask to join a scheme (known as opting in). If this happens you have six weeks to set up a workplace pension scheme.
  • Your nanny can also ask to opt out of the pension scheme once he or she has been enrolled. They must be enrolled even if you know they will opt out.
  • Five months after your staging date you have to fill in a declaration of compliance to let TPR know that you’ve met your legal duties.

You can opt to postpone auto enrolment for three months, but this doesn’t mean your staging date changes. Read our guide to postponing auto enrolment.

Once you’ve done that you have ongoing duties which include monitoring changes that might affect auto enrolment such as a birthday or rise in salary. You also need to keep records to show how you’ve met your legal duties.


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